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Tackling information overload, 10 million documents at a time

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Imagine the last time you misplaced an important document right when you needed it most: your plane ticket the day of a flight; your driver's license before the morning commute; the warranty on your radio just as the speakers begin to crackle. A frustrating circumstance, perhaps, but a manageable one given the relatively limited landscape of one's personal items.Now imagine you can't find a key statistic before a work presentation, a customer detail before a sales pitch, or product spec before a critical design meeting. To find these, you're navigating the opaque universe of your organization's file shares, content systems and databases.

Because we appreciate the universal quality of the first scenario and the high stakes of the second, we've released the latest Google Search Appliance, an enterprise search solution that can index all of an organization's content (up to 10 million documents) in a single box.

We think that searching for the myriad of business information that helps you do your job should be as easy as searching for information on -- regardless of how much content your organization has, or where it resides. And since the volume of documents, customer contacts, presentations and other data flowing into your office is probably not going to shrink any time soon, giving your IT organization access to a high-capacity single appliance (instead of the dozens that come with typical enterprise search implementations) might save your company expense and administrative hours while making it that much easier for you to find the exact piece of information you need to close that sales deal -- 10 million documents at a time.

As for finding your driver's license, you're on your own. Learn more about our search solutions for businesses.

Nitin Mangtani, Lead Product Manager, Enterprise Search

published @ September 1, 2008

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