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No one likes to take work home, but lately I've been looking forward to it. That's because I've been working on our new color filter in Google Image Search, and my daughter and I have been having a great time together looking at all the colorful animals that we've seen in the tide pools. "Papa, do the green noodle fish."

"Papa, now do the red one."

She loves it.

Today, I'm happy to announce that you too can use our color filter in your own image searches. Just search for something the way you normally would, such as [tulips]. On the results page, click on the "All colors" drop down in the blue bar and choose a color. For example, try restricting your results to [yellow tulips]. Want to see purple tulips instead? Simply click on the color filter again, select purple, and voila — you have pages of beautiful images!

You can also combine the color filter with any other image filter to further refine your search. For example, if you're looking for an image of an orange butterfly, try restricting to photos or clip art.

Color is one of the basic visual elements of an image. Whether you're browsing through photos of sea creatures and flowers or searching for the perfect orange butterfly, we hope you like our new color filter. We've been rolling this out gradually, but it will be available to everyone soon.

Donald Tanguay, Software Engineer

published @ April 8, 2009

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