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What’s your Google story?

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Working on the search team over the last few years, I have heard interesting stories of how Google has made a difference to individuals across the world. For instance, Yanick Cusson from Canada wrote to tell us about how he found his father:"I will always remember the very first day I got Internet at home. I had not seen my father in 17 years and had no clue where he was. The very first web page I went to was Google, and I simply wrote his name in the search box, and guess what? A public announcement from the government dated four years back mentioned him as promoted! I called the person who wrote the announcement, and by luck, she worked one floor up from my father's office. She transferred me directly to him, and we started talking. We have been in touch since then, and it's great!" It's stories like this that show us how Google Search can make a real difference for people — and that's what keeps us excited to come to work every day. If you have a story to share about how Google Search has made an impact on your life, we would love to hear it. Tell us here by writing your story or posting a video. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jack Menzel, Group Product Manager

published @ May 7, 2009

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