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Lindsay Perkin Wassell Joins SEOmoz to Lead our Consulting Business; Adam Feldstein Arrives to Head Up Product Development

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Intrepid surfers of SEOmoz may have already noticed the new additions to our team - Lindsay Perkin Wassell & Adam Feldstein. Many of you in the SEO field know Lindsay well from her role as Director of SEO at OnTargetJobs and frequent speaking and participation at industry conferences. Today, she's joining SEOmoz's team as the manager of our consulting operations. Adam is somewhat new to the world of SEO, though as Group Program Manager of MSN Autos for the last few years, he's certainly put some significant energy into the process. I'm thrilled to have both of these folks on board with us, and think an introduction is definitely deserved.

Lindsay Perkin Wassell
Adam Feldstein, Our New Director of Product Management

Adam and I have known one another since 2003, and in that time, his strengths as a critical thinker, a talented technologist and an exceptionally capable wearer-of-many-hats have made themselves apparent. Adam's had great success transitioning Carpoint into MSN Autos and growing it through content, relationships and, yes, SEO. His arrival at SEOmoz will mean a more serious, analytical and detail-oriented approach to productization.

Adam's big tasks will be taking over the direction and management of SEOmoz's tools & PRO membership services. He's going to be collecting a ton of feedback from our current members (nearly 3,500), people who've cancelled, those who've never signed up and even those who've never heard of SEOmoz to help architect tools and content that delivers high, ongoing value. As part of that role, he'd love to hear from you - suggestions, comments, new product or tool ideas, etc. - and what's a warmer welcome than a full inbox on the first day?! :-) You can reach him via email -

p.s. I'm very much looking forward to blog posts from both Lindsay & Adam in the next few weeks, and if there's topics you'd like to hear about, you can certainly ping them about those as well.

p.p.s. Lots of folks have been asking whether we'll be replacing our beloved Jane on the SEO team - Rebecca has been doing a bang up job managing client projects along with her regular site manager duties (though, as you've probably noticed, it's made her voice a little more absent on the blog), but I expect that she & Lindsay will be working together with me to grow the SEO ranks here in the near future, so keep your eye on the blog and our Twitter account (which we promise to update more often) for hiring news.

published @ January 16, 2009

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