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YOUmozzers of the World Unite!

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I'm sad to say that there are currently no posts sitting in the YOUmoz queue awaiting moderation. For shame! Thus, I'm calling for any of you SEOmoz blog readers, community members, PRO account holders, Internet marketers and passerbys to author up a YOUmoz entry and submit it for review and publication. If you're interested in writing a YOUmoz entry but aren't sure about how that whole UGC thing works, I recommend reading my YOUmoz tips for contributers post I wrote a while back. Interested in knowing more about how YOUmoz can benefit you? Well, Rand has written a post about how YOUmoz can help you and your clients, so check it out.
Lastly, Gab Goldenberg recently wrote a YOUmoz entry titled The Newbie Guide to SEOmoz. In it, he mentions some problems with YOUmoz, such as:

  • "YOUmoz is often a starting point, but many folks decide to eventually leave to write their own blogs.
  • ...the usually anemic comments on YOUmoz and infrequent Sphinn front-paging can make the effort for authors all the more frustrating.
  • YOUmoz as a whole could bump the quality dial up a few notches, which would likely encourage generalized attention, comments and Sphinns.
  • It would likely motivate a bunch of folks if you opened up some access to analytics for folks' own posts - the more data the merrier :). It'd probably help motivation."

I therefore implore you all to provide feedback about YOUmoz. What sort of content do you love to see on YOUmoz, and what don't you like? How can SEOmoz improve its user generated section? What's a better incentive to participate and submit blog posts? Is there a reward system we should consider? What sort of stats (if any) would you like to see about your blog entries?

Share your comments and feedback below, or DM/email me (rebecca -at- if you're a shy guy. :)

published @ February 6, 2009

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