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Google Optimization Tip: Bank Holidays

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Google Optimization Tip: Bank Holidays

During Bank Holidays (especially wet ones!) we often see an increase in traffic in certain sub-categories. It is important that retailers are aware of these opportunities, and can maximize on the increased traffic effectively and in good time.

The March bank holidays kick off the unofficial Home Improvement Season, with popular products being: gardening equipment, sheds, conservatories, greenhouses, DIY tools and equipment.

Of course, in the Summer Bank Holidays, you'd need to add BBQs, outdoor furniture/toys (trampolines, bat-and-ball games, etc.), paddling pools, as people choose to spend more time outside. Camping equipment, trekking kit and sports clothing and equipment are also popular items from the May Bank Holiday onwards. Indeed, all Spring/Summer clothing ranges should be optimised in line with the ever-changing weather conditions. Important sub-categories are swimwear and holiday accessories.

How to Prepare:

  • Make sure your customers can find you: ensure fall relevant products are represented in the keyword list
  • Expand your keyword list: for maximum ROI, invest in the long-tail traffic as well as the generic terms. For example, if you sell "power tools", make sure you also list other distinguishing factors of your product: Brand? Colour? Power capacity? As always, ad group these separately with unique, targeted ads.
  • Ensure offline messaging is replicated online: repeat catchy slogans, re-iterate offers.
  • Click and Collect? Many customers are able to buy online and pick up in-store on their day off.
  • Cheap or free delivery, as always, is popular with Bank Holiday shoppers.
  • Open up budgets and monitor them! Create a Bank Holiday campaign if necessary, to manage budgets separately.
  • Look at last year's performance and be strategic about how you spend. Consider ad-scheduling on some products if you saw peaks and troughs last year.
  • Which Bank Holiday? If there is a national event or festival taking place, think about what your customer may be searching for at that special occasion (e.g. flowers, gifts, chocolate at Easter; Christmas entertainment vouchers, fitness equipment for New Year’s resolutions!)
  • Beware the weather! If it's a sunny weekend, expect lower traffic

2008 England & Wales Bank Holidays:

New Year's Day

1 Jan

Good Friday

21 Mar

Easter Monday

24 Mar

Early May Bank Holiday

5 May

Spring Bank Holiday

26 May

Summer Bank Holiday

25 Aug

Christmas Day

25 Dec

Boxing Day

26 Dec

Posted by Emily Whitchurch - Google Retail Team, UK

published @ September 4, 2008

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