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PubCon video interview

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I spoke at a few conferences in the second half of 2008, and a video interview from PubCon recently came out.

The always-charming Mike McDonald and I did a 10 minute video interview at PubCon a couple weeks ago. A few of the topics that this interview covers:

- how personalized search affects SEO and how ranking reports become less important over time as a result
- the fact that Google returns different search results by country, e.g. a search for [bank] for the United States returns different results than [bank] in the UK or in Australia. (Note: I had a brain freeze and said “Thomas Cook” when I meant to say “Barclays” or “Lloyds TSB” as an example of British banks)
- the broadening role of SEO and embracing the fact that SEO is a type of marketing
- we talked about Flash, and I pointed out that while Google has gotten much better at crawling and indexing Flash, you can’t just think about search engines; you also have think about the user experience, especially on mobile devices these days.
- we discussed 2009 trends in SEO, including: 1) expect many people to embrace broader view of SEO that includes marketing and social media such as Twitter, and 2) blackhat SEO will become even more malicious
- subdomains vs. subdirectories
- we also chatted briefly about the Kentucky basketball team (Go Wildcats!)

Check out the interview for yourself if you’re interested.

published @ December 4, 2008

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