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Politics and Link Campaigns in the Blogosphere

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Hi all, I'm Chas, the lead developer for Blogscape here at SEOmoz. I'd like to share a brief story about finding a semi-hidden link campaign while testing Blogscape this week.
I watch the 'Movers and Shakers' feature of Blogscape somewhat obsessively -- both to research Blogscape's quality of data and to keep up with the latest trends in the fast-moving web.

Yesterday, I noticed that the number one fastest rising subdomain for last week was

I clicked on the data point for '3/13/09' (the big spike) to see where these links where coming from, and found that they all seemed to be from blog posts about Jon Stewart's recent interview of Jim Cramer.

Each page linked to a video of the interview, but the video was hosted at a third party content distribution site, not Where was it?

Oh, and the anchor text? It seems like someone is trying to make Comedy Central's blog post about the interview rank for the phrase "Jim Cramer"...

published @ March 20, 2009

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