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The Best Spam Submission Ever

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As you may know, one of my job duties here is to manage our user-generated blog. Every day I sift through the queue of blog entry submissions and publish posts about Internet marketing, business tactics, social media, web dev/design, etc. While I publish one or two worthy, relevant blog entries each day, I delete several spam submissions. I've seen spam entries about buying World of Warcraft gold, pay day loans, auto loans, Halloween costumes, recycling batteries, hypnosis, GPS, song lyrics, eyeglasses, dogs, Asia travel, India tourism, car rentals, installing car DVDs, cosmetic surgery, t-shirt printing, civil engineering, UK vacation properties, fragrance products, food coloring, music festivals, fashion, and virtually everything in between. At this point not many spam entries surprise or amuse me--I pretty much delete them and continue through the queue.
Until now. The other day I was going through the queue of submitted entries and came across a spam post that was so funny I decided to illustrate it. Below is that spam entry, in illustrated form. All of the copy at the top of each panel is actual verbatim copy from the blog submission (I only provided the drawings). I hope this entry brings you as much joy as it brought me. Enjoy.

published @ January 27, 2009

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